Throughout the year, VOICE produces and disseminates key documents reflecting on humanitarian aid issues at EU level and from a NGO perspective. They are addressed to decision makers within the European institutions, NGO networks and other stakeholders of the humanitarian community, as well as to the VOICE members. Most of these documents are  produced by the VOICE Secretariat with the support of VOICE members.

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  • Minutes FPA Watch Group 3 November 2009

  • VOICE Out Loud 10: Humanitarian Aid and Security


    Tags: Security, Principles, NGOs, Access, Civ-Mil

    This edition looks at challenges of providing aid in insecure environments, including the perception of INGOs, the importance of security policies, working with the military and the space for INGOs, information management in insecure environments, and adherence to principles to enable assistance in Somalia.
  • Minutes FPA WG meeting with DG ECHO july 2009

  • VOICE Out Loud 9: Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation


    Tags: EU, Refugees, DRR, Climate

    In this issue our members explore the links between disaster risk reduction, climate change and displacement. We hear about the new European landscape for humanitarian aid and Pakistan's displacement crisis.
  • One year after the 2008 FPA - Conclusions of the study

  • VOICE Policy recommendations DRR and Climate Change Adaptation 2009

    Position paper

    Tags: DRR, Climate

  • VOICE Civmil working group Recommendations

  • FPA WG presentation 2009

    FPA Watch Group
  • VOICE General Policy Resolution 2009

    General policy resolutions

    Tags: Funding, DRR, Civ-Mil, General Assembly 2011-older

  • Annual Report 2008

    Activity Reports

    Tags: General Assembly 2011-older

  • Minutes FPA WG meeting 25 nov 2008

  • Appendices to the minutes of the FPA WG meeting 25-11-2008

    FPA Watch Group
  • Prague final report january 2009

  • Annexes to Prague report January 2009

  • Minutes roundtable on capacity building

  • VOICE Out Loud 8: Humanitarian NGOs and EU diversity


    Tags: EU, Funding, NGOs, Partnership

    This issue of VOICE Out Loud examines NGOs' perspectives on their national governments' policies and practices. Humanitarian aid professionsals from VOICE members in Spain, France, Ireland, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Denmark discuss the impacts of their governments policies on their operational work as well as on their advocacy efforts.
  • EEAS European External Action Service civil society expectations

  • FPA Minutes 5/9/2008

    FPA Watch Group

    Tags: FPA

  • FPA WG note on work done between 2005 and 2007

    FPA Watch Group

    Tags: FPA

  • VOICE Guidelines for new member state NGOs in VOICE capacity building activities - June 2008

  • FPA Watch Group members list - June 2008

    FPA Watch Group

    Tags: NGOs, FPA

  • FPA Watch Group Meeting - 13 May 2008

    FPA Watch Group

    Tags: FPA

  • Terms of Reference FPA WG 2008

    FPA Watch Group

    Tags: FPA

  • General Policy Resolution 2008

    General policy resolutions

    Tags: Consensus, Principles, DRR, NGOs, General Assembly 2011-older

  • VOICE Activity Report 2007

    Activity Reports