GB: Germany and ICVA workshop to launch pilot phase for harmonized reporting

09:00 - 18:00
Berlin Germany
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As a follow-up to the WHS and Grand Bargain commitments, Germany’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) has quite actively been following up with ICVA and the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) on “Harmonizing and Simplifying Reporting Requirements”.

GPPi has worked out a set of harmonized reporting questions known as the “10+3” proposal. Participants in the November 2016 workshop in Geneva decided to go ahead with actually testing such template. The purpose is to find out

  1. whether the administrative burden that comes with reporting can actually be significantly reduced in practice by harmonization, thereby freeing resources, and
  2. whether this will lead to better quality reports, i.e. donors will actually get more of the information that they are looking for.


ICVA and Germany have now worked out a first draft concept note. All the proposed parameters are up for discussion. A final decision will be taken at a kick-off meeting in Berlin that is scheduled for the 24th of March. ICVA would like to ask you to:

  • signal to ICVA(or confirm) if you are interested in participating in the pilot (and under which conditions, if any)
  • comment on the concept note
  • provide additional information on your reporting tools currently in use and your plans (see the box at the end of the note) to GPPi ( or ICVA (
  • tell ICVA if you need additional information, be it on a bilateral basis or via a conference call that could take place in mid-march.


One important thing: Participation does not entail any pre-commitment for your country or your organization beyond the agreed duration and geographical reach of the pilot.