VOICE is legally incorporated in Belgium. The VOICE statutes can be viewed here

General Assembly

  • The General Assembly (GA) is the highest body of governance of VOICE and is held once a year. During the GA decisions are taken on administrative, financial and organisational issues, and members agree to a number of key decisions linked to VOICE's development, including by electing the members to the Board of Directors. VOICE members also often agree on a General Policy Resolution  which identifies the current key humanitarian issues that the network wishes to bring to the attention of the EU institutions and Member States over the next few months.

VOICE usually organises an event or round-table prior to the General Assembly to discuss a humanitarian topic of interest for the network and wider relevant audiences in Brussels. 

VOICE Strategic Plan 2013-2017

The current Strategic Plan was approved by the General Assembly in 2012 and reviewed in 2016. it is complemented by an annual work programme approved by the Board.

It was developed with members, the Board and Secretariat, and interviews with key external stakeholders in EU institutions, other humanitarian actors and other networks. Achievements and lessons learned from the previous strategic plan, as well as the identification of challenges ahead for humanitarian NGOs and the wider humanitarian community were taken into account.

The VOICE Strategy includes the following main objectives:

  1. To ensure the policies, practices and funding of EU and Member State institutions relevant to humanitarian aid are increasingly adherent to core humanitarian principles and good practice
  2. To increase the recognition of NGOs as key actors in the delivery of humanitarian aid, by EU, Member States and other relevant stakeholders
  3. To increase the effectiveness of VOICE collective action in pursuit of quality humanitarian aid
  4. To increase the capability of the VOICE network to meet the needs of the current and future operating environment

The above information is extracted from the full Strategic Plan. To learn more about how we work on these objectives see VOICE’s activities. Each year, the Secretariat produces an Activity Report. This report looks back on the implementation of the main objectives of the Strategic Plan, according to the Annual Work Programme. It also gives an update on the organisational developments of the network and its structure.


Board of Directors Secretariat