The new website to foster NGOs’ engagement in the Grand Bargain is now online!

VOICE is happy to announce the launch of this website with the objective to contribute to raise awareness and facilitate access to relevant information for NGOs and frontline responders in relation to the Grand Bargain.

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Have we forgotten the Lake Chad Basin?

VOICE publication

The articles in this number show how crises can become protracted and complex, with the effects of climate change layering with underdevelopment and conflicts, all feeding off each other, and contributing to hunger and the need for assistance and protection. 

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Ensuring people’s needs are at the heart of the nexus approach: a humanitarian NGO perspective

VOICE 2018 General Assembly Resolution

The 2018 VOICE General Assembly resolution focuses on the key actions to succesfully implement the humanitarian-development nexus. 

Joint NGO networks letter to European Council June 2018 - External action in the next MFF

Joint letter 

Click here to download the joint letter of the networks VOICE, HRDN, EPLO and CONCORD with the key reccomandations addressed to the EU Heads of States and Governments ahead of the European Council meeting of the 28 and 29 June which will discuss the next Multiannual Financial Framework and external affairs. 

Do no harm and conflict sensitivity: two sides of the same coin?


The 23 of May VOICE hosted an event bringing together different actors to contribute to the debate on conflict sensitivity in humanitarian assistance.

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