Do no harm and conflict sensitivity: two sides of the same coin?


The 23 of May, VOICE will host an event that has the aim to bring together different actors to contribute to the debate on conflict sensitivity in humanitarian assistance.

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Post 2020 Multiannual Financial Framework: What EU humanitarian aid needs and why

VOICE Position paper

The number of people in need of humanitarian assistance has more than doubled. Click here to download our new position paper asking for more and predictable funding and a separate budget line for humanitarian aid in the next Multi Annual Financial Framework. 

Exploring the humanitarian-development nexus 

VOICE publication

The EU is focusing on reinforcing the links between the humanitarian and development sector and increase their complementarity in order to address the root causes of crises and reduce needs. VOICE has invited our members and other key actors to contribute on this topic, highlighting the challenges and the opportunities of this approach. 

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The humanitarian-development nexus and the humanitarian principles: 
Complementary approaches? 

VOICE event

On 29 November 2017 VOICE hosted an event to understand the opportunities and the challenges linked to the humanitarian-development nexus

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Ten years of the European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid: a point of reference in a challenging world


VOICE celebrated the 10 years of the Consensus, the key document guiding the European Union’s and Member States’ approach to humanitarian aid.

Click here to read and download VOICE, UN, ICRC, EU Red Cross office joint messages at the occasion of the  ten years of the Consensus 

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